Solatubes & Sustainable Art

We took at trip to Lawrenceville to see a Solatube display, .

The website said “come visit us,” the hours were 10-2 on Saturday.

We decided to take a scenic route along the river and showed up at 10:40 am. Artemis Design,

Uh-oh, we interrupted one of the “Principles” in a client meeting….Oops?  “Why are you here?” Well, your webpage says “hours 10 to 2 call, or just dropo in…” Principle says, “it does, Really?”  Ahhhhhh, yes.

We were in luck – the 11:30 client was going to be late?

SO – we found a coffee shop… oh my, the coffee was very good.

Then at 11:30 we visited Artemis again – a unique design firm that works in the “sustainability” arena.  Cork Floors, Paper-made counter tops, etc. We dropped into a world unknown to us, and amazingly, Dad didn’t explode, but is still recovering.

Their vision – create a work of art with each room and build design, they make things for the “art” room.  We just wanted to learn about natural lighting and get a little interior design help. It was a wonderful collision of new ideas and language disconnects.

Thought about using “splintery” as a descriptor, but decided not to.

It was really cool, maybe there will be more later.  Our hats off to you Nicole!




Faucets & Such

Today Mom and Dad were on a mission to get pricing for Angie to estimate some items, as we dial in on the final price for the River House. You know, Light Fixtures, Faucets, Vanities, Washer and Dryer…stuff like that.

Imagine the fun.

At Home Depot, the FIRST vanity we look at is unfinished oak, $100. Mom says, “That’s good enough, just throw some stain on it.”

2 HOURS LATER shopping online, Mom says, “oh look at the weathered pine, I gotta have that,” $650.

10 MINUTES LATER, “ooohhhh, look I really love this,”… $2500.

PAUSE 30 SECONDS, Mom says to Dad,…wait for it…

“You know, this is all your fault.”