The Interior Door Picking Contest

Door Vote

#winning, that’s what Jen said when she and Russ picked 2 of the top doors in our INTERIOR DOOR PICKING CONTEST.

We got a WOODPORT DOORS mini catalog during our trip to Eden,  looking for interior wood doors.  Well, we decided to have a door picking contest.

RUSS picked 3T-RV, 3C, 4C and 4T
LINDA picked 4C, 5T-H, 2T
CASEY picked 3T-RV, 3T, 4T
JEN picked 4C, 4T, 3C, 3T

So, of course, Jen and Russ picked the top two doors – 4T and 4C and she said, #winning.  

We decided to get Chris’ vote.  We’ll check back after he votes.  Things could change:)  




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The kids are grown. I am creating and living the life I love. I do miss our family dinnertime conversations, especially Honest Wednesdays, or Reality Sundays, somethin' like that, always a laugh or a cry or look into each individuals perspective and life experiences. To me, that is what FAMILY is about, sharing the joy of being connected to each other! So even when the kids live away from home, one is 630 miles away, I strive to keep connected, with love!

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