Jeesh. Remember This?

Hey! don’t really have a story to tell, but I thought maybe we could start this back up by making a list of the things that we did this break. Comment and add if I miss something:)

  1. Painted the front hall, stairs, and upstairs hall
  2. Baked sugar cookies and peanut brittle. Remember to under-microwave!
  3. Went to the Holiday Pittsburgh Pops concert (had a good time making mom take pics with Jen’s iPhone)
  4. After the concert, went out to eat at Caffe Amante (spelled something like that)
  5. Made snowflakes
  6. Chris decorated the Christmas tree. With one ornament.
  7. Went to Michigan. Christmas Eve->East Lansing, Christmas->East Pointe
  8. Enjoyed the beautiful ice left over from the terrible ice storm in East Lansing
  9. Sanded, drilled holes in, sanded, stained, varnished, sanded, and varnished the new railing and railing mount.
  10. Made more snowflakes
  11. Chris and Kristin did “fitmas”. Mom joined in for the yoga.
  12. Went out to eat at Six Penn (owned by EatnPark…who knew?!) with the five of us plus Kristin, Ali, and Logan. I recommend the pork shank.
  13. Followed that with ice skating at the PPG.
  14. Decoupaged boxes
  15. Made graham cracker houses. They were awesome. Ate soooo much candy.
  16. Chris bought a 60 in TV
  17. PeeknPeak (five plus Kristin, Rachel, and Abby) Wednesday night, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday night soaked in the hot tub (indoor and outdoor) and had ‘pool races’. Thursday skied and boarded. Chris and Kristin learned how to ski. Freezing cold winds and nonstop snow. Chris couldn’t pull up into the driveway. Played boggle. Kristin dominated. Friday skied. Temp: zero. Stopped at Applebees for dinner on the way home:). Had fantastic food for entire trip and lived on a five bedroom 4500 sq ft condo at top of the mountain (and off to the side). BIG
  18. Watched movies and hung out.