Ever notice how you carefully craft an email and the receiver doesn’t actually answer your question or doesn’t know the details you provided?  Well,  face it, in this world of tweets and texts, an email is, well, just too much.

Here’s some ideas to craft more successful emails (anyone have other GREAT tips?)

The SUBJECT for the email should let the receiver know when a response is needed

USE FIRST LINE in email to let people know is you require something or what is most important- add explanations and background later.

CAPITALIZE important words to communicate.

BOLD important concepts – or things that the reader can scan and get most of the understanding from the email.

KEEP EMAILS SHORT, a few lines — if you have a long drawn out email — you might consider calling the receiver to confirm they get all the info.

PUT A LINE SPACE between each idea or thought….a huge long paragraph will be completely ignored.

My thought for the day!





Looking forward to Lunch

I recently had the opportunity to substitute at our county Vo-Tech School in a supervisory role for two students.  I was pleasantly surprised when I got to go to the Culinary Arts classroom.

It was Chinese week,  mmmmmm. Food on the menu was General Tso Chicken (one of our family favorites) and Pork Fu Yung.  The part of the class I was with was making General Tso’s.  What Fun!  We collected and measured ingredients, cooked and cleaned up.  I enjoyed talking to the students and their chef/teacher, learning about their passion for cooking and baking. The kids even got to take their food home with them in to-go containers.

You might imagine how I felt – like I was in a candy store. The dry storage was a large room with lots of things,  the bag of chile peppers was like a big pillow there were so many; the walk in coolers had lots of bounty; their were bunches of sauces and vinegars, and condiments.  The stoves were humongous.

The best part — they serve breakfast and lunch Tuesday through Friday.  We are so THERE when you guys get home from college, maybe even a few times!

I brought the recipe home.  We can compare with the recipe Jen makes — should provide good kitchen entertainment for the family:)

This is not what Im supposed to be doing.

I should be studying right now. As the semester winds down, everything gets faster and more intense. The opposite of HS:/

But I wanted to distract myself for a bit, and so I compiled some screenshots of snapchats between me and Jen. Just cause we are so cute. Love you guys and see you soon!



(some) Faces of Me and Jen….love you Jen






Contents of a College Student’s Zipper Portfolio:)

portfolioI was getting ready to lend Dad a portfolio from Chris’ desk (the one at home that he doesn’t use anymore)…it gave us something to smile about when we opened it.  It contained the following:

  • Bike Maintenance Tips Page
  • Weekly Schedule at Co-op Assignment last summer
  • note pad page with notes, in tiny, tiny writing
  • Recipes for All American Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Training materials from an internship
  • Housing search list for Co-op assignment
  • An old transcript from University

Turns out Dad didn’t need it, so we carefully put it back among Chris’ things.

Bikes and Cookies and Work — great combo.

Green Roof Cabin

When less than 5 of us are together, we always include the missing Dudek in our conversation, our social media connections, and our hearts.  Our recent trip to the GREEN ROOF CABIN near Raystown Lake at Raystown Country Cabins was one of those experiences.  We made sure Casey, who was not in attendance, was honored and remembered by

  • having an Snapchat Blitz Session.  Chris and Jenny were even snapchatting each other while sitting right next to one another, I think that is a Casey and Jenny pasttime too.
  • lamenting that our photos would not be the same without her,  and certainly the quantity of pictures is about 1/100 of normal quantity:) 
  • watching Duke play into the Elite 8 at the beginning of the weekend and then lose to Louisville for the Final Four at the end of the weekend.  Go Duke!
  • hanging out on Google+ with Casey on our last day.  She had to watch all 4 of us try to stay within the camera view:)

We also spent time


  • visiting the outside of Raystown Lake Visitors Center which is hosted by the US Army Corps of Engineers and Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau.  I say outside because it is not open on weekends or holidays — does anyone else find that funny?


  • parking and walking by the Marina and Boat launch.  It was beautiful and there was still some ice on the lake.  When a few boats launched they disturbed the ice and it crackled and made the most amazingly beautiful sound.


  • noticing silt socks all along the lake edge where some walkways were added.  Dad said it was over $50,000 of protection and there was no silt that was against them.  Hmmmmm, money well spent?
  • listening to lots and lots of frogs, spring peepers maybe, during our walk on the Riverwalk trail along the Juaniata River.  We also saw a hooded merganser and a couple of chain saw statues along the river.
  • dining at Kelly’s Corner in Huntingdon.  Dad and I wanted to share a dinner so I suggested he get the Salad Wedge while I ate from the salad bar.  I got my salad then sat down. THEN I SAW the wedge salad with blue cheese, dressing, candied walnuts….my mouth started watering.  I thought Dad probably wouldn’t like all that blue cheese so I offered to eat it,  when he said he was ok,  I asked for a bite. Well,  I didn’t give that salad back. He had to eat the salad I made at the salad bar. Dang.
  • making Swiss Meringue to top off the butterscotch pie we made earlier in the day, courtesy of Paula Deen’s Recipe.  That Swiss Meringue is tenacious, once it touches any surface it stays.  It even migrates without anyone looking.  It was everywhere. And it was oh so sweet,  just skip the butterscotch pie part (well Chris preferred butterscotch but Jen and I preferred Meringue).


Looking forward to the next time the 5 of us are together,  the Pontiac Lake Cottage perhaps?