Another post.

I guess I like to post in spurts. I also blame life (for posting again so soon). Yesterday I was sooo busy, but now I am just sitting here. I should probably start homework, but even thinking about Chinese or Compsci is exhausting. 

So…Mom, you kind of wanted to use this to record things, as well as connect, right?


  • I am going to China this summer for study abroad. Yay!
  • Duke won their first game in March Madness
  • Jen and I have been doing an obscene amount of snap chatting recently. Feel free to join in.
  • Kintora got a tattoo. Well, another one. Its pretty.
  • I met Mary’s older sister today. She goes to school up Nort in Min-neh-SOH-ta. She didn’t day it like that, but I felt like writing it.
  • I really enjoyed Spring Break: Jen and I laughed, We spent time on the water, we looked at a big boat, ‘we’ all derived amusement from other’s actions, we walked on sand, we ate phenomenal ice-cream. I JUST REALLY LOVED THE FAMILY TIME. Miss you Chris:)
  • Took my bike for a little ride today. Its not stolen.

I might add to this later. Or not. Going to dinner.

p.s. I was thinking about trying to write/journal an anecdote from my day everyday. One, so I don’t forget the little things, and two, to practice that whole story telling thing. I am not going to post it on here, but does anyone want to join me?

2 thoughts on “Another post.

  1. Oh Casey Masey — thanks for the recording. I’m laughing and smiling from ear to ear. I couldn’t join in the morning snap chatting today because I was driving and I think that it is kinda like texting, a no no when driving. I’m glad your bike is not stolen. How do you propose we journal or write an anecdote from everyday? In a real journal with paper and pen? Do we make just a Casey blog as part of the TGIFamilyTime Blog? I already have another blog I have not activated, it is a Mom blog. Thanks for the memories and the observations. I love your perspective on life.

    • Im not sure. You said writing is important because it stimulates another part of your brain, but typing might be easier for instant recording and sharing.

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