Another post.

I guess I like to post in spurts. I also blame life (for posting again so soon). Yesterday I was sooo busy, but now I am just sitting here. I should probably start homework, but even thinking about Chinese or Compsci is exhausting. 

So…Mom, you kind of wanted to use this to record things, as well as connect, right?


  • I am going to China this summer for study abroad. Yay!
  • Duke won their first game in March Madness
  • Jen and I have been doing an obscene amount of snap chatting recently. Feel free to join in.
  • Kintora got a tattoo. Well, another one. Its pretty.
  • I met Mary’s older sister today. She goes to school up Nort in Min-neh-SOH-ta. She didn’t day it like that, but I felt like writing it.
  • I really enjoyed Spring Break: Jen and I laughed, We spent time on the water, we looked at a big boat, ‘we’ all derived amusement from other’s actions, we walked on sand, we ate phenomenal ice-cream. I JUST REALLY LOVED THE FAMILY TIME. Miss you Chris:)
  • Took my bike for a little ride today. Its not stolen.

I might add to this later. Or not. Going to dinner.

p.s. I was thinking about trying to write/journal an anecdote from my day everyday. One, so I don’t forget the little things, and two, to practice that whole story telling thing. I am not going to post it on here, but does anyone want to join me?

Weird Water Kettle

I was talking to Anh today during breakfast, and for some reason she started talking about her water kettle/water boiler at home.

She went, “I don’t like our new kettle. Its weird.”

I was a little confused. How weird could a boiler be? You put it over heat and water boils. And so I asked, “What do you mean?”

And then Anh started to go on about the whistle. Still a little confused, I asked her if her old kettle whistled. She said no.

No?! What?!

Instead of telling her that she must be confused in what a good, normal kettle is, I just asked her how she knew when water boiled in her old kettle. She would stand there and wait until the steam came out!

Me (in my head): ????

Anh continued to share that her mother really likes this new kettle because she’s lazy and tends to get distracted, and TWO times her mom had to be reminded by the piercing whistle that she put water on. Anh does not like the whistle. It is startling and loud.

I didn’t say anything (although there was a great opening to make an Asian/Communist dig(and for those of you who don’t know, we–Gwen and me–use that to joking describe every “different” thing about Anh)). Just laughed in my head and thought, hey, the fam might think this is funny too.