Note to Self! Take a Picture!

Now that the kids are getting older, I must be getting sluggish.  As I perused the 2012 family photos I wish for more pictures that include everyone at the event. Well, not everyone, but all of the family.

We vacationed with the Grandmas in Wisconsin to see Chris while he was co-oping and the best pictures I have to show for this is a picture of Dad and kids preparing to kayak or everyone minus ME at dinner.  I want the whole thing — ALL 7 of us.  I want to be in the pictures.


We have special Casey pictures of all five of us at the Farmer’s Market in Appleton, WI and after eating at the Golden Fleece in Greektown, Detroit, Michigan – thank goodness for her creative photo taking.  (can you find all 5 of us in these pictures:)



Why didn’t I take the extra effort to get a picture

  • tubing down the River- all 5 of us and Grandma?
  • of us at Peek n Peak, skiing and boarding?
  • during one of our family breakfasts out?

Thank goodness Chris insisted on a picture at THON 2012.


This year, my picture taking process will be different.  Less pictures, more people!

What’s Happening Here

I’ve been cleaning up and stopped to sort through some old pictures, hahaha.                    Not a quick way to clean.

I found the following picture and wondered who might write some story options for what was happening.  Anyone game?  Can be any creative story….let your ideas flow.

Little Chris and casey

Just add JOY!

I was cleaning up my scanned files and found this short aritcle about Joy. I remember I scanned to share with Chris back in Spring of 2011, not sure in what magazine I found it.


I might just have to track down the actual study.

For me it also connects to Shawn Achor’s work, he has an awesome Ted Talk, Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work and a book too (a great Birthday idea for a really nice Mom).

Sending you JOY!