I spent an Amazing Day on Sunday, November 4 at the Firehall.  As you might remember I’ve been working with a group of Nora’s friends (we lovingly call ourselves TEAM NORA) to support her as she heals breast cancer.  Here’s a list of our exploits:

  • 12 Silent Auction items were donated for the fundraiser on Nov 4, Steeler, Penn State Football, Pitt Basketball tickets were some of these items.
  • 25 community friends came to our house to meet 4 times over the past 5 weeks
  • 31 dinners have been delivered for Nora and Family since September 25.
  • 40 days is all it took to deliver a spaghetti dinner fundraiser, our goal $10,000
  • 50 people participate in TEAM NORA by email
  • 100% of food and dinner supplies for Nov 4 were donated
  • 100+  volunteers showed up the day of the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
  • 100+ baskets were donated for the Chinese Auction
  • 350 “Team Nora” T-shirts/Hoodies Sold,  this number will probably reach 400.
  • 800+ dinners were served
  • $950 was raised in the 50/50 raffle.  The winner drove 45 minutes to pick up his winnings and then donated half of his $950 back.
  • A silent auction winner relisted his items on a website to increase bids.
  • Monte Cellos of Zelienople donated spaghetti, sauce and salad, AND they sent 5 people to cook & serve.
  • We had a DJ!
  • NORA was able to enjoy the day with us for awhile!

Drum Roll please…..

$28,000 has been raised to date! More coming in everyday.

I’m feel so blessed that the people in this School District area have come together in such a powerful way! Thanks for witnessing, and send Nora lots of Healing Energy!

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About Linda D

The kids are grown. I am creating and living the life I love. I do miss our family dinnertime conversations, especially Honest Wednesdays, or Reality Sundays, somethin' like that, always a laugh or a cry or look into each individuals perspective and life experiences. To me, that is what FAMILY is about, sharing the joy of being connected to each other! So even when the kids live away from home, one is 630 miles away, I strive to keep connected, with love!

7 thoughts on “ONE AMAZING DAY!

  1. Makes me Proud to have been a part of this. Our little community Rocks!!!!! And Nora looks better everytime I see her 🙂

  2. Linda – you are the Rock of the “Rock”…A special Thank You to you and all the ladies involved in the coordination and execution of this event. WHAT A SUCCESS! Nora is such a wonderful, special person – her and her family deserve our support as they have given so much to our community! You all respresent what a community is all about – Support, Love and Just plain Friendship! Thank you all!

  3. WOW!!!!! I had heard rumors of such a number 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am both honored and humbled to have been able to participate in such an awesome event! Thanks so much to everyone who helped to organize such a fantastic day!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your blog Linda. We couldn’t have “picked” a more perfect “leader” for TEAM NORA. The day was truly wonderful. The sea of pink was an amazing sight. I feel blessed being a part of Team Nora.

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