Physics People Are Funny

Physics people are funny–and I’m sure this is something that everyone who is going to read this knows. But…sometimes…life just reiterates things you already know. So, physics people are funny.

I work in the TUNL (you can look it up), but basically, theres a bunch of physics people-probably PhD or Doc or postDoc or whatever you call it-that I think do research. I only see them when they are in their offices because that’s where I am–scanning the uber important dissertations from 1950 on a scanner probably equally as old. Its a good time:)

Dad and Chris would probably have a headache. Are all Physics people cluttery by nature? Maybe I am meant to major in physics……

Anyway, apparently someone died. And, now ‘they’–some people that work on this floor–want to scan some photos of the person who died for the little get together they are having. Its not actually a little get together, but I forget what its called. But you get the gist.

This is where I come in. Im scanning the photos so they can make an electronic presentation. Good idea, right?

Well, these photos need to be scanned in by Friday. Last week I got an email form one of the people asking what my hours were this week, so they could get me the photos and show me the technology (I hadn’t seen a color scanner anywhere, up to this point).

Tuesday: I show up for work. Check in to let ‘them’ know I can scan photos. They say, oh yeah, give me five mins. to get photos. Cool. I go and then occupy myself with other stuff for an hour or so. They come back. They say, oh, we are going to sort pictures after lunch now. Cool.

Finally, (now it’s after lunch) I go and check out the photos they are sorting and ask for a preliminary stack and directions on how to use this scanner. It is a mess of photos and older guys sorting them.

But its okay, because I got a stack of about 5 photos and a person to show me how to work the scanner. Surprise! You can only scan one photo at a time, and every time you scan the scanner has to warm up, recognize photo, and then finally scan. No big deal though–I mean, theres like four guys sorting pictures. Im sure they are just going to pick the best of the best. And, they can only pick so many, if they are going to have a presentation.

hehe. WRONG

Over 200 photos later I am still scanning.

And now I’m typing a blog post, because I have time to kill in between scanning each photo.

Physics people are funny. One would almost think that Tuesday afternoon came and they out-of-the-blue decided that they needed to do a photo presentation.

And I know–you could accuse me of the whole narrowing down picture thing, but I do have that skill. I just don’t use it all the time because I don’t do formal presentations. So there.

Actually, Im kind of under the impression that this is the first time they’ve looked at these photos in 20 years, and so there are some that they just want for themselves that they put in the stack.

Almost done now. Love you guys!

4 thoughts on “Physics People Are Funny

  1. Oh Casey Masey — the things you think about and pay attention to, they make me smile. How cool is this experience. Did you learn about the person? From the photos? I send blessings to you, the Physics people and the person they honor. Mom

  2. I just read this again this morning and it makes me giggle. Your Dad read it too, he loves that you blog like you talk. I hope the presentation is spectacular and full of amazing memories of a life well lived.

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