Holiday Family Time – Planning

I started looking at all the things we’ve talked about doing and feel limited by TIME!

I would rather focus on being in the flow and totally excited about each day!

So in an effort to enjoy the most without overdoing it,  I’m sharing my list and hoping you kids can add ideas and comment on the most important 3 things to each of you.  Dad and I will do the same.

Remember,  Casey Masey gets her 3 wisdom teeth out on the December 17th — recovering for a few days.   We have tickets to the Holiday Pops on December 20 in Pittsburgh. Chris heads to Penn State on the 5th and Casey on the 8th of January.

  • Make Cut Out Sugar Cookies
  • Make Swedish Meatballs
  • Put together a Puzzle
  • Family Craft time, craft yet to be determined
  • Fundraiser Spaghetti Dinner for Chris/THON
  • Create and Send our Holiday Card
  • Bake, Bake, Bake
  • Sled if there is snow, or Walks at the Park if no snow.
  • Family & Individual Visioning – this is a guided workbook activity over sessions.
  • Make Ribs together

I’m looking forward to your comments.

Research Papers

From now to the end of of the semester, I am working on my research paper for writing–the map class. This would be the prostitute paper.

So….(my teacher said never start a sentence with so) my professor is doing a really great job of walking us students through the writing process. Today she brought in this booklet of some of the top essays from the entire freshman class last year, and she has us read and analyze an essay on the food choices of the homeless.

It was funny, because most of my class complained that this girl’s topic was irrelevant. It was. I mean, it was interesting, but, as one kid said (in one of those joking but kinda serious ways) he’d rather read about maps:)

And, the funny thing was, that my professor agreed. She didn’t say she agreed, but she had a hard time defending this poor paper.

She finally said that if you make is good argument, it doesn’t matter if the audience agrees with the relevance. And then she bashed anthropologists (that was the type of paper). See, this girl had this super long essay on why the homeless don’t eat yogurt, even when it is offered along with eggs and biscuits and stuff for free. And then, at the end of her essay, she wrote about her own food choices and she analyzed herself.

And my entire class was like, “What the heck?!?!”

And Baletti (professor) said that, yeah, anthropologists do that. They always have to recognize themselves in their own papers and acknowledge how they are also part of the model (or whatever) they are proposing. Oh, you should have been there. Her tone made it–she was basically saying that anthropologists love themselves and so they find a way to incorporate themselves into their own papers, and that in her opinion, it’s a little over the top.

And, then she talked about the claim of the paper. She said it was a really great claim, and that it was a good example of most scholarly writings. She then continued to point out how this girl never directly stated her claim, and that her claim was weak. This girls basically hedged around what she was going to say.

So, (hahaha-so) my teacher moved on to scholarly writers at large. She said that they generally make really weak claims and dance around the topic. She doesn’t like to do that, but its generally accepted by everyone.

She made me laugh in class today. Usually her opinions don’t shine through so much.

Honest Wednesday

To be honest, I have missed Honest Wednesdays.

To be honest, I really don’t have time to be writing this.

To be honest, it took me a long time to fall asleep last night because people were going crazy over the election and Kintora had to call people. But I woke up at 5:15 anyway. So I did not get my happy range of 7-8hrs of sleep.

To be honest, I feel kinda stressed over the writing that is due this week

To be honest, one of those writings is going to be centered around red light districts, and I think thats funny (because its me writing)

To be honest, I’ve been waiting to make this post since Sunday, and I still dont know what to write.

To be honest, I can’t wait until Thanksgiving.

To be honest, Thanksgiving is coming up too fast.

To be honest, Im trying to give an equal amount of stress and non-stress honesties.

To be honest, I might go to my first college party this weekend–ski group just became an official club:)

To be honest, I love you guys.

To be honest, I’ve got to go because I’m wasting time. See TBH #2 and #4.


I spent an Amazing Day on Sunday, November 4 at the Firehall.  As you might remember I’ve been working with a group of Nora’s friends (we lovingly call ourselves TEAM NORA) to support her as she heals breast cancer.  Here’s a list of our exploits:

  • 12 Silent Auction items were donated for the fundraiser on Nov 4, Steeler, Penn State Football, Pitt Basketball tickets were some of these items.
  • 25 community friends came to our house to meet 4 times over the past 5 weeks
  • 31 dinners have been delivered for Nora and Family since September 25.
  • 40 days is all it took to deliver a spaghetti dinner fundraiser, our goal $10,000
  • 50 people participate in TEAM NORA by email
  • 100% of food and dinner supplies for Nov 4 were donated
  • 100+  volunteers showed up the day of the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
  • 100+ baskets were donated for the Chinese Auction
  • 350 “Team Nora” T-shirts/Hoodies Sold,  this number will probably reach 400.
  • 800+ dinners were served
  • $950 was raised in the 50/50 raffle.  The winner drove 45 minutes to pick up his winnings and then donated half of his $950 back.
  • A silent auction winner relisted his items on a website to increase bids.
  • Monte Cellos of Zelienople donated spaghetti, sauce and salad, AND they sent 5 people to cook & serve.
  • We had a DJ!
  • NORA was able to enjoy the day with us for awhile!

Drum Roll please…..

$28,000 has been raised to date! More coming in everyday.

I’m feel so blessed that the people in this School District area have come together in such a powerful way! Thanks for witnessing, and send Nora lots of Healing Energy!

Physics People Are Funny

Physics people are funny–and I’m sure this is something that everyone who is going to read this knows. But…sometimes…life just reiterates things you already know. So, physics people are funny.

I work in the TUNL (you can look it up), but basically, theres a bunch of physics people-probably PhD or Doc or postDoc or whatever you call it-that I think do research. I only see them when they are in their offices because that’s where I am–scanning the uber important dissertations from 1950 on a scanner probably equally as old. Its a good time:)

Dad and Chris would probably have a headache. Are all Physics people cluttery by nature? Maybe I am meant to major in physics……

Anyway, apparently someone died. And, now ‘they’–some people that work on this floor–want to scan some photos of the person who died for the little get together they are having. Its not actually a little get together, but I forget what its called. But you get the gist.

This is where I come in. Im scanning the photos so they can make an electronic presentation. Good idea, right?

Well, these photos need to be scanned in by Friday. Last week I got an email form one of the people asking what my hours were this week, so they could get me the photos and show me the technology (I hadn’t seen a color scanner anywhere, up to this point).

Tuesday: I show up for work. Check in to let ‘them’ know I can scan photos. They say, oh yeah, give me five mins. to get photos. Cool. I go and then occupy myself with other stuff for an hour or so. They come back. They say, oh, we are going to sort pictures after lunch now. Cool.

Finally, (now it’s after lunch) I go and check out the photos they are sorting and ask for a preliminary stack and directions on how to use this scanner. It is a mess of photos and older guys sorting them.

But its okay, because I got a stack of about 5 photos and a person to show me how to work the scanner. Surprise! You can only scan one photo at a time, and every time you scan the scanner has to warm up, recognize photo, and then finally scan. No big deal though–I mean, theres like four guys sorting pictures. Im sure they are just going to pick the best of the best. And, they can only pick so many, if they are going to have a presentation.

hehe. WRONG

Over 200 photos later I am still scanning.

And now I’m typing a blog post, because I have time to kill in between scanning each photo.

Physics people are funny. One would almost think that Tuesday afternoon came and they out-of-the-blue decided that they needed to do a photo presentation.

And I know–you could accuse me of the whole narrowing down picture thing, but I do have that skill. I just don’t use it all the time because I don’t do formal presentations. So there.

Actually, Im kind of under the impression that this is the first time they’ve looked at these photos in 20 years, and so there are some that they just want for themselves that they put in the stack.

Almost done now. Love you guys!