Learning thru Shared Eyes

I am a blessed and loved Mom.  I cherish every contact my kids choose to have with me as they learn and grow.  One of my very, very favorite things is to be included in writing and speech classes assignments,  my world expands with new and shared learning.

Every time one of my kids engages me in their assignments for writing or speech I’m thrilled.  I’m an engineer by training and my writing skills are not so good.  But I make up for this in my voracious curiosity. And I think this is what my kids might enjoy, that I’m totally enthralled with the learning.

The last couple years I learned about the food industry with Chris, particularly meat production and antibiotic usage for the animals that provide our meat. I learned how to search for local, antibiotic free meat, and organic local foods. I also got to share in conversation after watching “Food Inc.” It was pretty cool what I learned about Penn State’s library and search engines and databases. Today, I’m a better consumer and much more aware of online sourcing.

This year, with Casey at Duke, I’m being challenged to read about, of all things, MAPS and what story the cartographer chooses to share. I’ve learned some world history, I’ve learned about writing (from her Professor’s comments to her), I’ve had the joy and pleasure to read stuff she writes and in awe of what she thinks about. I can even comment per her wishes. Maps are never, ever going to be the same to me again.

Now, as Jen matures, I’ll be looking forward to what I can learn with her. I can’t wait.

I am blessed. The connections my kids choose to make with me touch me deeply and give me joy. Thank you!


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About Linda D

The kids are grown. I am creating and living the life I love. I do miss our family dinnertime conversations, especially Honest Wednesdays, or Reality Sundays, somethin' like that, always a laugh or a cry or look into each individuals perspective and life experiences. To me, that is what FAMILY is about, sharing the joy of being connected to each other! So even when the kids live away from home, one is 630 miles away, I strive to keep connected, with love!

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