Always a Soccer Mom

For 16 years I’ve been a soccer mom and now my days of soccer watching are slowing down with the last and only kid at home.  This means I’ve got more time on my hands and I’m savoring every game.  Last Saturday’s game was one of those wonderful game experiences. I don’t want to forget a moment of it.

We got up early and took Jen to the bus at school, then headed to Eat ‘n Park to have breakfast with Chris.  He was home for a couple days on his way from his Co-op at Kimberly-Clark in Neenah, WI to Penn State Supply Chain Career Fair.   Breakfast was relaxed and fun – no rushing, just good conversation and picture taking to send to Casey to show our support for her school.

It was one of those rare sunny days, not too cold or hot.  We drove to the soccer field of the opposing school (an hour from our house) and arrived at the start of the game.  It was Jen’s first time as a forward so we sat in our chairs looking at the opposing goalie’s area, better to see Jen.  She was a little ball of fire, pretty serious about getting a goal and shooting on goal very often.  I am just amazed that my iphone got a nice pic or two (bad mom, I forgot the Sony camera).

We soaked up sun, watched Jen work hard, saw her amazing crosses up to goal and a assist or two.  Lots of shots on goal, she even hits the goal box posts.  It was a day to savor!  Life is good.

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About Linda D

The kids are grown. I am creating and living the life I love. I do miss our family dinnertime conversations, especially Honest Wednesdays, or Reality Sundays, somethin' like that, always a laugh or a cry or look into each individuals perspective and life experiences. To me, that is what FAMILY is about, sharing the joy of being connected to each other! So even when the kids live away from home, one is 630 miles away, I strive to keep connected, with love!

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