Happy Birthday, Dad

At the Farmer’s Market in WI

Dads are for getting grungy under cars with their girls
Dads are for flying kites with their kids
Dads are for being the boat to pull baby skiiers
Dads are for laughing in Church
Dads are for swinging and flipping and dragging (behind a Hobie)
Dads are for timing at track meets
Dads are for soccer coaching, for more years than fingers
Dads are for campfire talks
Dads are for TV show watching
Dads are for dealing with Casey-like fishers
Dads are for the sweet dreams before bed
Dads are for doses of reality
Dads are for school projects and workroom constructions
Dads are for skiing and skiing and skiing
Dads are for jammin’ to ol’ Deano
Dads are for sharing wisdom
Dads are for experiencing the smell of tires, gas, and other more toxic fumes
Dads are for talking hours after dinner
Dads are for making their girls’ lives just right
My Dad is here to make my life perfect
Because the world revolves around me.
Just Kidding. It doesn’t.
But you wouldn’t know that, because My Dad makes my life.

Thank you.

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