Linguistics: Language and Identity

This class is interesting. It’s probably the best class to have at 3:05 in the afternoon, because you can be yawning because thats a sleepy time of the day, yet still be engaged in the conversation (instead of staring off into the distance). It’s a thinking class. There are maybe 20-25 kids, and it is a discussion based seminar.

Translation: We talk the whole time.

That being said, the discussions are generally fueled by pretty interesting/intense readings. The reading we did for Wednesday, the 12th, made me feel kinda dumb. It had a high level of language and it threw a bajillion concepts into this chapter. It turned out that most kids were confused by the reading at one level or another, and the teacher even expected and was okay with confusion. She wants us to bring questions to class.

The point of all that was to show the more intense factor of the class. (although, we haven’t written any serious papers yet, so its not homework intensive. yet) Here is an example of the strange/interesting/makes you think part of the class:

Today the title of the excerpt we had to read was “Lip Service on the Fantasy Lines” I just kinda glanced at the title before I started to read, not really thinking what it meant. So I was surprised when I started to read about phone-sex. Very surprised. But it was interesting, because the chapter basically talked about whether the fantasy lines were degrading or empowering to women, and how extreme feminists are divided on this point. It really made me think about the power and influence (maybe) of stereotyping versus personal power.

So…yep. There you go. If you want to read either article I can email them to you.

2 thoughts on “Linguistics: Language and Identity

  1. Hmmmm. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering about that class. Sounds like you are stretching and stretching. Email me your articles please, I may attempt them and I love learning about what you are learning. Hugs to you Casey!

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