The Drama of Pre-Soccer Playing

Okay. So I have a couple things to share so I might post several times in the next week. But first, soccer:

So…intramural soccer can be quite complicated. Duke is part of IMleagues, so all the registration happens online. There is first year soccer, and under that heading there is competitive, intermediate/rec, and coed. Then there is coed for everyone and there is competitive and intermediate/rec. And then there is full field soccer, but I haven’t even really looked into that.

First I looked into the first year leagues–what better way to bond with fellow first years, right? But not many teams signed up, so I didn’t try to get a team together for that. So I registered under just plain old coed competitive soccer as a ‘free agent’ so I could join a preexisting team. I even sent out a message to one of the teams that needed a girl (to meet minimum requirement).

The next morning I got an email, not from the person I messaged, but from a guy who hadn’t yet created a team, but was thinking of doing so. He needed to find enough girls. I told him that yeah, I would play, but he needed to make a team first. The next message from him said that he got him and his friends on a rec team, but if I was still interested he could try to find a third girl so he could make his own team. I told I would really like to play competitive soccer, and that I could help find girls.

All this is happening under a timeline. The league only accepts 8 teams, and there were 4 confirmed and 6 pending. Basically, whoever gets three girls ‘wins’ (in my head, at least) because it was questionable whether or not the team limit would be extended to accommodate 10 teams.

So I started to reach out to some girls. Which, of course, is kind of hard because I don’t really know people. And then, the only girls I know that play soccer are freshmen, so they are hesitant to commit to a team where they don’t know the captain and they aren’t sure what their schedules are like. So, as I am talking to people I am passing along information to Hung (captain). It gets to the point where we are just both waiting for the two girls that are pretty sure they will commit to get online, register, and ask to be on the team.

Finally, Hung says he made me co-captain so I could add the two girls because he was going to bed (it turns out that he is on the other side of the world right now). Cool. No I can add Megan and Laura (the two girls) ass soon as they pop up on the website.

Laura finally registers, and I add her. Yay!!! Now I know for sure I will play soccer this fall. I had actually just gotten to the meeting place for the beach weekend, so I could put away my phone and stop worrying about soccer.

Later over the weekend, I checked my email. Hung was pumped that the team was official. He said that now he could continue to add guys and I could continue to add girls.

I just had to chuckle. I started as a random freshman looking to join a team and ended as a co-captain in charge of the girls. It will be interesting meeting Hung in person after all of this.

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