Nostalgic for Nature Walks

Penny, the dog, found an Imperial Moth Caterpillar today, I saved it from being eaten.

This caterpillar is so BIG, and hairy, and cool looking.  Makes me think of all the time we spent outside together looking at natural wonders.  I thought I was doing it to teach you, but I grew to love the finding, identifying and categorizing of natural things; you were my audience and avid participants.  Some good stuff happened

  • Hiking and staying in cabins at Brown County State Park, Brown County, Indiana, when we saw super size walking sticks and a very unique snake,
  • Driving around Crex Meadows in Northern Wisconsin.  We got tired of looking at sandhill cranes & bald eagles but the bear in the tree, the badger hole and the trumpeter swans were always amazing. And, none of us tired of the sound of the loons.
  • Vacationing at the family cottage in Michigan with all the fish to catch and identify, and the humongous snapping turtles you caught over and over and over again.
  • Walking outside our house in our small western PA borough, where we identified all the trees in town for the leaf project in elementary school and we watch the Osprey families nest and grow on the phone tower across the street.
  • Visiting the three state parks nearby, especially cabins at Moraine State Park.  I smile to think of the flying squirrel that you caught and released; and when a Muskie caught and released your fishing pole after swimming up to the surface by the dock; or even the nightly visits from a mama skunk that the girls chased with a camera, and luckily didn’t get sprayed, but they did see all the babies.

It just makes me nostalgic for nature walks,  I’ll need to find a new group of avid participants, or you’ll have to indulge me when we are together:)

One thought on “Nostalgic for Nature Walks

  1. I absolutely love the memories you pulled from the outdoor walk you had! I am so thankful to have all of those experiences as a close and loving family. I cannot tell you how much doing activities and vacations like you mentioned has helped sculpt me into the person I am today. I find myself a very thoughtful and respectful person because of how intertwined my youth was with nature and family.

    I am sitting outside, overlooking the pond at the Paulick’s as I write.. soaking up the whisp of the crisp breeze, the croak of the distant Sandhill Cranes, and the smell of the late summer trees and grass.

    Can’t wait to be sitting on the deck with you in a week!

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