Off to “The BIG Woody”

I’m headed for my half century birthday celebration with my BFF, who, by the way, has an amazing website!  We are staying in the woods, away from technology (well there is a tv with dvd player).  She found a place in Hocking Hills, Ohio area,  Blue Rose Cabins, The Big Woody, for us to hang out.  It has important stuff like TREES, FRESH AIR, PORCHES and a HOT TUB.

I hope to return refreshed and ready to BE the best me I can be.  Sending Love,  Mom

The Fish that Lived!

OMG, Jen’s Fair fish is still alive and I have no idea how.  This Butler County Fair fish, named JOE, has been around three years and it looks like it just outlasted it’s glass fish bowl.

Here’s the story — I came down to make coffee, as I do every morning at 5:30am.  Then I went to have a quick look at the weather and email.  While I was sitting at the computer, I heard the sound of – drip, drip, drip – and thought it was coffee.  Then I heard a different sound,  an unusual sound.  When I looked around I didn’t see the fish at the top of his bowl, he was at the bottom.  Upon further review,  he was at the bottom with about a half inch of water.  The sound — fish flopping on his fish bowl rocks.

I jumped to action.  Got some water, in a salad bowl and quickly lifted him.  His glass bowl has a crack.  How did that happen?  How did he live?  This Fair Fish, Joe, seems to have nine lives like a cat.  Maybe he was a cat in a previous life.  Now I need to find another fish bowl.

Always a Soccer Mom

For 16 years I’ve been a soccer mom and now my days of soccer watching are slowing down with the last and only kid at home.  This means I’ve got more time on my hands and I’m savoring every game.  Last Saturday’s game was one of those wonderful game experiences. I don’t want to forget a moment of it.

We got up early and took Jen to the bus at school, then headed to Eat ‘n Park to have breakfast with Chris.  He was home for a couple days on his way from his Co-op at Kimberly-Clark in Neenah, WI to Penn State Supply Chain Career Fair.   Breakfast was relaxed and fun – no rushing, just good conversation and picture taking to send to Casey to show our support for her school.

It was one of those rare sunny days, not too cold or hot.  We drove to the soccer field of the opposing school (an hour from our house) and arrived at the start of the game.  It was Jen’s first time as a forward so we sat in our chairs looking at the opposing goalie’s area, better to see Jen.  She was a little ball of fire, pretty serious about getting a goal and shooting on goal very often.  I am just amazed that my iphone got a nice pic or two (bad mom, I forgot the Sony camera).

We soaked up sun, watched Jen work hard, saw her amazing crosses up to goal and a assist or two.  Lots of shots on goal, she even hits the goal box posts.  It was a day to savor!  Life is good.

Happy Birthday, Dad

At the Farmer’s Market in WI

Dads are for getting grungy under cars with their girls
Dads are for flying kites with their kids
Dads are for being the boat to pull baby skiiers
Dads are for laughing in Church
Dads are for swinging and flipping and dragging (behind a Hobie)
Dads are for timing at track meets
Dads are for soccer coaching, for more years than fingers
Dads are for campfire talks
Dads are for TV show watching
Dads are for dealing with Casey-like fishers
Dads are for the sweet dreams before bed
Dads are for doses of reality
Dads are for school projects and workroom constructions
Dads are for skiing and skiing and skiing
Dads are for jammin’ to ol’ Deano
Dads are for sharing wisdom
Dads are for experiencing the smell of tires, gas, and other more toxic fumes
Dads are for talking hours after dinner
Dads are for making their girls’ lives just right
My Dad is here to make my life perfect
Because the world revolves around me.
Just Kidding. It doesn’t.
But you wouldn’t know that, because My Dad makes my life.

Thank you.

Linguistics: Language and Identity

This class is interesting. It’s probably the best class to have at 3:05 in the afternoon, because you can be yawning because thats a sleepy time of the day, yet still be engaged in the conversation (instead of staring off into the distance). It’s a thinking class. There are maybe 20-25 kids, and it is a discussion based seminar.

Translation: We talk the whole time.

That being said, the discussions are generally fueled by pretty interesting/intense readings. The reading we did for Wednesday, the 12th, made me feel kinda dumb. It had a high level of language and it threw a bajillion concepts into this chapter. It turned out that most kids were confused by the reading at one level or another, and the teacher even expected and was okay with confusion. She wants us to bring questions to class.

The point of all that was to show the more intense factor of the class. (although, we haven’t written any serious papers yet, so its not homework intensive. yet) Here is an example of the strange/interesting/makes you think part of the class:

Today the title of the excerpt we had to read was “Lip Service on the Fantasy Lines” I just kinda glanced at the title before I started to read, not really thinking what it meant. So I was surprised when I started to read about phone-sex. Very surprised. But it was interesting, because the chapter basically talked about whether the fantasy lines were degrading or empowering to women, and how extreme feminists are divided on this point. It really made me think about the power and influence (maybe) of stereotyping versus personal power.

So…yep. There you go. If you want to read either article I can email them to you.

LOST and on the EDGE

The watching of the LOST series continues here at the house with just the three of us.  We don’t get to watch it every night but Jen keeps us in line so she can see it and go to bed at a decent hour.  

We just finished Season 5, Episode 1 last night.  After it was over, Dad jumped up and yelled, “I LOVE THIS SHOW!”  He really YELLED!  And I was getting stressed out by it, it makes my head hurt. Jen just laughs at us.  

I don’t even know if either of you older kids finished the series.  I wish we were all together to watch and I’m thankful Elias turned us on to watching it.  Let’s have a discussion about it at Thanksgiving or Christmas — maybe watch a favorite episode.  Let us know where you are in the series! 


Identifying my MOM CONNECTION

I am acutely aware that I want to identify that special somethin’ somethin’  to enjoy with Jen, my youngest.  Mostly this is selfish, I like to be a “special” Mom among my kids and their friends, but isn’t every mom special. Ok, now that I know it’s all about me, I’ll continue.

For Chris, my oldest, who absolutely loves food, especially breakfast and dessert foods, I am known as the breakfast mom.  I’m great with French toast (baked and on the griddle), waffles, pancakes, Swedish Tea Rings, cookies and cakes.  I know this now because some of Jen’s friends dream of coming here for breakfast (because their older sibling did).  And,  our HS Graduation celebrations so far have been brunches.

For, Casey, my middle one, arts and crafts were the gift we shared.  I’m quite accomplished in leading large groups in tie-dying, jewelry making, decoupaging, working with tulip paints.  I think the Purple Oranges Dodge Ball Team had three of four different shirts all created by my daughter, me and the team of 6 girls.  And, the whole HS soccer team also made their shirts with our care and guidance.  And I won’t forget the “Sweet Peas” shirts.

Now for Jen, the youngest, I’m just not sure  what I bring to the party yet.  I’m still thinking about it, trying to be aware of what I already do.  Hey older kids,  I’m open to ideas here, suggestions?   Maybe I just need to make it all about her, rather than all about me:) Hahaha!